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06/07/2014 8:06 PM

06/09/2014 4:40 PM

Re "Walmart will anchor new shopping center" (Our Region, June 7): Sacramento apparently approved construction permits for 5,000 homes near the Pocket, 800 homes in Northwest Land Park, over 500 units in Curtis Park Village and 328 homes in McKinley Village. Township 9 is expected to add 2,500 units, developers in Natomas will add an unknown number now that U.S. taxpayers will pay for strengthening their levees. Folsom may add 10,000 homes. Each developer touts the construction jobs to be added while attracting construction workers from all over the U.S.

Two questions: Will the planned improvements to sewage treatment be overwhelmed as the current system was when Natomas was developed?

Although California cities see building permit fees as easy money, shouldn't the entire region declare a building moratorium for a few years until climate change effects and future drought patterns in the Sierras can be determined?

-- Marjorie Koldinger, Sacramento

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