Letters to the Editor

June 8, 2014

Ellen Brown promoting state bank

Re "Arena deal, mayor, win big in Sacramento City Council races" (June 4) : This is another example of why we need a state bank, similar to what North Dakota has. This idea was proposed by Ellen H. Brown, the Green Party candidate for treasurer who just got 6.4 percent of the vote on Tuesday.

The California state bank could finance the Kings' deal. It would probably charge a lower interest rate than the thieves at Goldman Sachs. The profits would stay in California where they could pay for education rather than go line the pockets of Goldman Sachs.

Thank you, Brown, for running for treasurer to bring your proposal for a state bank to everybody's attention. The legislature ought to move forward quickly and now with such a proposal. Sen. Steinberg, Speaker Atkins, will you get started on this now?

-- Mark Graham, Elk Grove

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