Letters to the Editor

June 15, 2014

Is anyone listening?

Re "Don't blame Asperger's syndrome for Isla Vista or Newtown massacres" (Viewpoints, June 8): I think Jan Blacher got it right. I would say, from personal observation that Asperger's Syndrome would not be a correlative force in a violent encounter.

However, the thing that affected me the most about her piece is the revelation that some form of autism spectrum behavior affects one in 68 births in America today. Really? So, when do we begin to bandy about terms like "epidemic"? Are we really talking about 14 percent of our children affected by this, and the sirens aren't wailing?

When do we see a national response? When do we see the red headlines? When is this a lead story on Channel 10? When do we wake up?

-- Charles A. Foster, Rancho Cordova

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