Letters to the Editor

June 15, 2014

Create jobs, save lives with carbon dividend

Re "Keep profit out of climate solutions" (Forum, June 8): Regional Economic Modeling, Inc., a highly respected, non-ideological non-partisan economic modeling firm, recently released their nationwide study on the impact of a carbon fee at the source with a dividend of 100 percent of the revenue returned directly back to American households.

Their report shows that with this dividend, a carbon fee would create 2.1 million new jobs in the first 10 years, make a 33 percent reduction in CO2 emissions in first 10 years and a 52 percent reduction in CO2 emissions after 20 years. It would prevent 13,000 premature deaths in first 10 years.

This is a game-changer for the economic debate on climate change. This market-based approach creates jobs, enlarges the economy, saves lives and makes Americans richer. We now have no reason not to act on this issue that will affect all of us and everything we love.

-- Christine Bailey, Gold River

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