Letters to the Editor

June 10, 2014

Help, water policy/police needed

Re "Waterways provide relief": Bee reports Reclamation says Folsom Reservoir goes down 4 inches daily. It looks more like a vertical foot drop per day.

Reclamation says Folsom water is being released at twice the rate it enters. It's the same old tale, using tiny Folsom Reservoir instead of huge Shasta Reservoir to cure Delta salinity. Folsom is drained with no regard for millions of people who have no other water source for sustenance and sanitation.

One group with senior water rights gets 2 million units of Folsom water, another gets 3 million and another 4 million. Too bad there are only 3 million to give those 9 million rights. Is this over-committed water supply, with no accountability and no science? It is only early June in a very hot year.

No one is in charge. We need Water Police desperately. You cannot eat the grass you are watering now.

-- LJ Laurent, Folsom

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