Overgeneralized and oversimplified

06/10/2014 6:06 PM

06/11/2014 9:17 AM

Re "Innovative new courses can turn round our community colleges" (Viewpoints, June 10): As a retired professor of the reading department at Sacramento City College, I have vast experience in remedial education. Gary Hart is correct to be concerned. However, his article contains reasoning errors.

He says too many remedial courses do tedious exercises. This is an overgeneralization, something we taught our remedial students to avoid. If space permitted, I would enumerate innovative methods we and other colleges use, not just pilot projects.

His second error of reasoning is oversimplification. Yes, too few remedial students graduate, but students enter the college with a multiplicity of complex social, emotional, financial, health and child care issues that affect students' success.

I, too, want more success and accountability, but things can't improve if people who write articles about the issue don't have a complete picture of the complex reality of the situation.

-- Linda Klein, Rancho Murieta

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