Letters to the Editor

June 10, 2014

Won't miss

Thank you for removing "Doonesbury" from what you call Fun and Games. I read "Doonesbury" every day, just to stay in touch with what your newspaper considers humor.

"Doonesbury," with its drug culture heroes and their low-level mentality shame ordinary citizens and taxpayers. It is little more than drug-culture-delight and liberal politics as viewed through the lens of a hack writer. My guess is the cost of renewing "Doonesbury" is more than The Bee is willing to pay. If so, once in a while, even The Bee gets it right. Congrats.

Further: best for readers of Fun and Games would be to remove the crossword puzzle game from the comics page and make all of the other comics with larger pictures and print. Also, consider deleting "Mark Trail" and "Sally Forth" as well. Try not to perpetuate mediocrity.

-- Elton L. Pamplin, Roseville

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