Letters to the Editor

June 11, 2014

Vergara: Be careful what you ask for

Re "Judge rejects state law on teacher tenure, firing" (Capitol & California, June 10): The Vergara v. California ruling is a classic "be careful what you ask for, you might get it" moment. Judge Rolf Treu ruled that teacher tenure denies students a "fundamental guarantee of a meaningful education."

However, in a capitalist economic system there are winners and losers. The losers will always be deprived of their constitutional rights to meaningful and quality housing, education, medical care and happiness when compared to the winners. Our economic system's winners attend expensive private universities, have private physicians and live in gated communities. Capitalism's losers may live in substandard housing, receive indigent medical care and not attend college.

Few could argue that the winners and losers receive services of equal meaning and quality or that the losers receive meaningful education, medical care and housing opportunities. Therefore, under Judge Treu's logic, the United States' economic system is unconstitutional.

-- David Keenan, Sacramento

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