Letters to the Editor

June 11, 2014

Vergara: Teachers' versus students' rights

Re "Judge rejects state law on teacher tenure, firing" (Capitol & California, June 10): There is no easy solution to this dilemma.

Job security is always a factor. Two years of probationary employment pales in comparison to a more traditional 3-6 months in the private sector. Longer probationary periods would subject teachers to longer periods of subjective influences that tend to be punitive rather than objective, be the administrator or student sourced. Easing firing rules will almost certainly result in higher turnover.

Where are the replacements going to come from? The supply is low and ever dwindling because salaries are insufficient to attract new talent. When Gov. Brown vetoed last year's reform bill, he had one eye on his constituency and the other on the budget. Both were legitimate for the governor but not necessarily the public good.

And the AG's office is consulting with our clients? Consult with internal staff, but clients?

Truly, no comfortable solution.

-- Jon Wolfson, Sacramento

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