Letters to the Editor

June 11, 2014

Eric Cantor: Dixiecrats have become Republicans?

Re "Tea party stuns GOP Cantor" (Page A12, June 11): Reading the article again reminded me why I am so upset with the Republican party. I have been a member for 47 years. If this immigration issued caused Eric Cantor to be defeated, I ask myself if racism from the old Dixiecrats is taking over the party. If it has truly taken over, I'm quitting the Republican Party. Is the party becoming a group of self-seeking and racist people? I hope not but the change in my voter registration may come soon. I think the party needs to wake up.

Just on the side, those of us Republicans who are devout Christians, go back and read the 300-plus scriptures, Old and New Testament, on social justice. I did, and it's changing my politics. Wake up and smell the stinking tea. It's not pretty.

-- Elayne Peterson, Sacramento

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