Letters to the Editor

June 11, 2014

Resounding win for Tom McClintock

Re "McClintock to face fellow Republican in November" (Capitol & California, June 6): The June 3 primary produced a resounding victory for Congressman Tom McClintock in the 4th Congressional District. McClintock received 55.9 percent of the vote- 10 percent above Republican registration in the district, showing strong support from independent voters. McClintock's vote percentage was even higher than Gov. Jerry Brown's, who is viewed by many as a shoo-in for re-election.

Art Moore, who finished 33 percent behind McClintock for second place, just barely got past independent Jeffrey Gerlach, who vowed to spend less than $5,000 on his campaign.

McClintock's runaway victory ,as well as his endorsements from the California Republican Party, all 10 county Republican central committees in his district, conservative groups, the business community, and overwhelming support from local officials, shows he is the right choice for Congress.

-- Mario Ruelas, Sacramento

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