Letters to the Editor

June 11, 2014

Re big oils methamphetamine

Re big oil pg a14 6/11

Ms Stricklin needs to get her facts straight.The explosions at the Roseville rail yard were not "old bombs" but a shipment of new bombs to Port Chiago headed for Viet Nam. Like wise the Dumsmuir spill, though very bad for the areas trout fishing did not affect the salmon industry.She seems to not know that there is a very large dam and lake downstream of the spill.

As for railcars of crude coming through town,she doesnt seemed to concerned with the railcars of toxic substances, deadly industrial gases and other hazardus material that go thru sac everyday. Maybe she just doesnt like oil? Or maybe she will back them to build another pipeline to join the other 3-4 oil and gas pipelines that go thru sac.

Maybe we should make public the schedules of all such shipments to help out the terrorists and nutjobs.

-- Steve Huish, Sacto

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