Letters to the Editor

June 11, 2014

You chose it

Re "Will ruling on teachers get traction?" (Our Region, June 11): Marcos Breton has never been a teacher, yet he professes to have much insight into the complex issues of educating our children. His credentials? He's matriculated through the school system, therefore he's a professional.

Breton suggests Tom Torlakson's comment,"Today's ruling may inadvertently make this critical work (teaching) even more challenging than it already is," is motivated by fear and self-interest. He'll lose teacher unions' support and financial backing come vote time. This response is a non sequitur and obviously prejudicial. Breton begs support for former superintendent Jonathan Raymond's priority schools, which he claims were "constantly badmouthed by the local teacher's union." Maybe they needed badmouthing. A union's voice is the consensus of its many professionals. Face it, they actually do have credentials in the field of education. -- Del Jack, Sacramento

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