Vergara: Shining a bright light

06/11/2014 1:06 PM

06/12/2014 7:54 AM

Re "Ruling challenges union power" (Editorial, June 11): Judge Rolf Treu shines a bright light into a very dark corner of the California public school system. He clearly and concisely illuminates for all to see the antiquated and inept process of teacher evaluation and dismissal sometimes referred to as tenure.

These practices penalize students, especially those attending schools in low socioeconomic areas of the state. The Bee provides the context in outlining the effects of powerful unions and their ability to influence politicians to the detriment of students, their future and ours. Around 90-95 percent of teachers are hard-working and effective, but we need to do better as we compete in a global economy. Other countries have smartly targeted their schools for improvement, as should we.

We have the ability to make progress now and should take it. No one is calling for an end to due process. We just need a system that works.

-- Dan Rott, Woodland

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