Proposition 227 rollback: A positive step

06/11/2014 5:06 PM

06/12/2014 7:54 AM

Re "Accept it: English is the national, global language" (Viewpoints, June 11): Let's do a fact check. Yes, English is a global language. Yes, every educated person in the USA should be conversant and literate in English. No bilingual education advocate disputes that.

However, Bruce Maiman completely misses the point of Sen. Ricardo Lara's bill. The Ron Unz-sponsored Proposition 227 has, since its inception in 1998, been muddled, incoherent and unenforceable. It has not worked in countless school systems statewide.

Does Maiman know that assistance for English learners across America is available in a multitude of templates? Examples: sheltered English, mainstreaming, transitional, early-exit, developmental and enrichment bilingual programs- all of which aim to produce students who are fully proficient in the English language and aim to help disenfranchised kids. Many of them are from families on the edge of poverty and succeed and compete in this English-speaking society.

-- Doug Brown, Lincoln

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