Conserving water by preventing fires

06/17/2014 2:06 PM

06/18/2014 9:29 AM

Re "Water conservation efforts aren't taking hold" (, June 17): In the midst of the so-called worst drought in California history, why are fireworks stands going up across Sacramento County? We have been told to kill our lawns, take short showers and drive dirty cars, or suffer the consequences. However, we can sell microscopic boxes of fireworks for exorbitant amounts of money in one of the worst recessions in years.

Has anyone considered the danger of flaming pyrotechnics in the hands of the general public during the worst drought on a long Independence Day weekend? The 4th is on a Friday, which means festivities will not end until the beer runs out.

Allowing fireworks to be used all but guarantees wasting what little water we have to fight the fires caused by them, not to mention the smoke from the fireworks and the fires they cause will play havoc with the air.

Conserving water by preventing fires: Is this not a good idea?

-- Anne Bailey, Sacramento

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