Letters to the Editor

June 17, 2014

Religious school voucher silly

Re "Don't leave out religious schools from school choice" (Viewpoints, June 17): It is irresponsible journalism for Alan Bonsteel to say "Political big shots can send their kids to religious schools with their tax-paid salaries," and he knows it. The public isn't paying these bills. These public servants are employed by the government to represent/serve the people. They are not sitting at home receiving any entitlement money.

Secondly, suggesting that school voucher programs include faith-based schools is simply silly. How do you pretend to have separation of church and state if the church receives state money? Are you saying churches are willing to give up their privileged separation for 20 pieces of silver? More likely Bonsteel is talking from both sides of his mouth like the Pharisees in biblical times. He voices what people want to hear, not the truth. He will be the first screaming separation of church and state when convenient.

-- Martin Mangione, Sacramento

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