More is needed to save oceans

06/17/2014 3:06 PM

06/18/2014 9:29 AM

Re "Obama setting aside massive Pacific Ocean preserve" (Business, June 17): In his Oceans Summit, Secretary of State John Kerry is hoping to raise international awareness of the multiple threats faced by the world's oceans. The expansion of the Pacific marine sanctuary will go a long way toward saving endangered species.

We are already familiar with overfishing and dead zones created by agricultural runoff. However, the most irreversible damage is being done by climate change. Warmer water is killing coral reefs, leaving them bleached white.

Now scientists are discovering that dissolved carbon dioxide is making the water acidic and corrosive. The UK Royal Society said when carbon dioxide reaches 450ppm, coral reefs will be in "rapid and terminal decline world-wide from both temperature induced bleaching and ocean acidification." We are only 25 years from this scenario if we continue business as usual.

I urge readers to support a revenue-neutral carbon tax to ensure a future of clean energy.

-- Michael Segor, San Luis Obispo

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