Letters to the Editor

June 17, 2014

Lousiana charters, on closer examination

Re "Don't leave out religious schools from school choice" (Viewpoints, June 17): Alan Bonsteel touts the success of Louisiana charter schools as a reason for California to adopt the same model. But a closer look will reveal some aspects parents may find disturbing.

First, while the California voting public gets to elect school board members, in Louisiana, it is the charter corporate management that assigns the school board. And those decision are made over 1,800 miles away from New Orleans, in Los Angeles of all places. The schools that fail are then taken over by an ad hoc assembly of politicians, ministers and corporate business leaders- none of whom have any education background or credentials.

School choice is fine- even parochial schools- but hoisting Louisiana as a model for charter school success should be alarming to parents and bring skepticism from the community as a whole.

-- Keith Carmona, Roseville

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