Letters to the Editor

June 18, 2014

Buried IRS story

Re "IRS lost emails in tea party probe" (Nation/World, June 17): How did the story get buried on Page A6? Certainly it could have made the front page in lieu of the Ride Share story.

The IRS scandal is far more reaching and significant in its tentacles to all Americans. You have a great story: just consider scandal, criminal prosecution potential. Here's more fodder: in prep for her meeting with the DOJ, Lois Lerner transmitted 1.1 million pages of data on non-profit groups to the FBI. She and the IRS, have waved away freedom, fairness, fiduciary responsibility, etc. There are probably a hundred people in Sacramento who could find' the lost emails if given the opportunity.

We are each and all affected by these actions, and the story is buried. What is your agenda? At the very least, what is your criteria for article placement? May we wake up or shake up.

-- Bob Bartlett, Granite Bay

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