Who burdens taxpayers more?

06/19/2014 10:06 AM

06/21/2014 8:08 AM

Re "Teachers a drain on taxpayers" and "Don't fall for the scam" (Letters, June 19): Mr. Moore and Mr. Dotson would be surprised to find that this educator is also concerned about travel spending for education. However, before we gather the torches and pitchforks, let's think this through. Private industries spend billions of dollars annually on conventions. Corporate travel and entertainment expenses spent on these gatherings are all tax deductible. Thus when corporate conventioneers party in Vegas, their write-offs are subsidized by taxpayers Moore and Dotson, who shoulder a larger share of the tax burden. For that, gentlemen, Las Vegas thanks you.

Actually this is not all bad. Increased commerce and exchange of ideas are positive effects of corporate travel. Surely, when educators travel the same benefits occur. While it is reasonable to question the efficiency and effectiveness of education travel expenses, it is a shame that business travel write-offs aren't subject to the same criticism and scrutiny.

-- Kenneth Fox, Elk Grove

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