Letters to the Editor

June 19, 2014

Ban fireworks

Re "Fireworks a danger in drought" (Letters, June 19): I totally agree with Anne Baily. Why is the sale of fireworks still being allowed? Charities and nonprofits insist they need the sales to raise money. I say find another way. Clearly, they care more about the money than the major problems they are causing by selling them.

Supposedly safe and sane fireworks still cause grass and house fires. They still cause burns and cause animals to get loose and lost. They leave a mess on streets, sidewalks and in parks. They can be modified to be unsafe and insane.

All these problems cost the taxpayers to remedy and cause higher insurance premiums. Maybe we should charge those who sell fireworks with the costs associated with the problems they cause. Maybe that would put a damper on their selfishness.

-- Chris Cummings, Sacramento

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