Letters to the Editor

June 19, 2014

Hold Dr. Oz accountable

Re "TV's Dr. Oz faces Capitol Hill critics" (Business, June 18): It is good that Congress brought to light the inaccuracies and overstatements made by Dr. Oz on his TV show. In his show, Dr. Oz provides the latest "miracle" product multiple times a show, five days a week. Even worse, KCRA promotes this show by running these statements numerous times a day.

Anyone who follows his advice would be taking many supplements, teas, potions and maybe even snake oil every day. These supplements are not regulated, interact with each other, can cause harm and empty your wallet. While Dr. Oz may not sell these supplements, he likely makes millions by hyping viewers to watch his show.

As a physician he should know to rely on science with proven scientific methods. Both the federal government and KCRA should require Dr. Oz to follow science and not just what entertains and to stop sending people down an expensive unproven path.

-- Stan Rosenstein, Davis

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