Letters to the Editor

June 19, 2014

Truth about county supervisor budget

Re "Supervisors make adjustments, pass budget" (June 19): A quick look at the website TransparentCalifornia.com shows that most of the Sacramento County Sheriff Deputies on duty cost the county well over $100,000. Many cost us taxpayers $200,000 to $300,000. You should check this website out to prove to yourself I am factually correct.

The pension costs of sheriffs have not been provided to the website even though it has been over a year. However, you can be assured that most county employees who receive big pensions are former sheriff deputies. It is time for the county supervisors to fight these over payments. I know the sheriffs do a hard job, but is it harder than the armed forces? I think not.

The branches of the military do not receive this kind of salary or pensions. Cut to the bone? We taxpayers who rely on Social Security and 401Ks, need a bone like that.

-- Bob Yuhre, Carmichael

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