Letters to the Editor

June 19, 2014

Go to jail for wage theft

Re "Wage theft solution a true puzzle" (Capitol & California, June 19) The solution to wage theft is jail. If someone steals your car, do you have to go to the State Car Driver's Board to plead for your car to be returned? No. You go to the police and report your car stolen.

Why isn't it the same if someone steals your wages? To deter wage theft, charge the thieves with larceny, put them on trial and, when convicted, send them to jail. That would solve the problem by creating a powerful deterrent in the first place. It would also stop people like Dan Walters from referring to business people who steal from their employees as reputable. They are not reputable, they are thieves.

As far as payment to the victims of this crime, they should have all the remedies that all crime victims get. Plus, they should get the thief's ownership share of the business.

-- Gary Fitzgerald, Carmichael

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