Letters to the Editor

June 19, 2014

Unlike McCarthy, McClintock can't do job

Re "McCarthy's ascent would be good for California" (Editorial, June 16): Your editorial on Rep. Kevin McCarthy, our new House majority leader, was thought-provoking. "McCarthy generally prevails because he works hard, is likable and has a shrewd political mind."

Compare him to the Congressman for the 4th District, Tom McClintock. McClintock has no allies in Congress and isn't good at getting anything done in the House.

He isn't good at getting his candidates elected either. He came to our small town of Mariposa to campaign for a rather incompetent candidate for county supervisor. She got 16 percent of the votes and is out of the race. He was Campaign Chair for Igor Birman in the 7th District, and Birman is out of the race, getting only 17 percent of the votes.

There's not much point in having McClintock fighting for you when he can't do the job. This November we can do better. Vote for Art Moore.

-- Cayce Jones, Midpines

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