Letters to the Editor

June 19, 2014

Dazed and amazed

Re "Sticker shock is coming at the gas pump due to cap-and-trade program" (Viewpoints, June 19): Many of us stand dazed and amazed at an oil industry representative expressing concern for consumers regarding potential gasoline price increases, in this case due to cap-and-trade.

In his protestation, the writer refers to "so-called polluters." There are no so-called polluters. The fossil fuel industries, including the oil industry, are predominantly responsible for the carbon dioxide emissions causing climate change. Any successful effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions will involve making fossil fuels more expensive relative to renewable energy. The question is how to lessen the burden on those least able to afford this cost increase.

A carbon tax where all funds are returned to U.S. households means two thirds of the population will successfully avoid this burden. Come on, Big Oil, join us.

-- Harold Feber, Elk Grove

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