Costs of protecting the environment

06/19/2014 8:06 PM

06/21/2014 8:08 AM

Re "Sticker shock is coming at the gas pump due to cap-and-trade program" (Viewpoints, June 19): How clever of Jay McKeeman to notice that cap-and-trade will result in our having to "buy a more fuel efficient car or change [our] driving habits."

Isn't that exactly what we intend? We cannot continue to spew greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Yes, the cost of regulating any industry is ultimately paid by consumers, and benefits are reaped by those same consumers. Fortunately, many Californians understand that fighting climate change has costs and are willing to pay them, true for any regulatory functions we support.

We'd like to believe McKeeman's concern is for the pocketbooks of consumers rather than the bottom line for the oil marketers whom he represents. Unfortunately, that would be a naive belief. He and the oil interests he represents couldn't care less about the damage they are doing to the environment or the pocketbooks of consumers.

-- Jim Speakman, Sacramento

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