Letters to the Editor

June 21, 2014

Who's really guilty here?

Re "Killer gets 58 years to life" (Sacto 911, June 20): With the criminal record that Brian Keith Jones Jr. presents, it is abundantly clear that the responsibility for the murder of Duane Lomax resides with the parole board and that consented to his release. Additional responsibility can easily be attributed to the parole officer in charge of this scumbag felon they set loose on our community.

Within 3 months of his release, Jones took a man's life and shattered the lives of his family and friends. Arguably, he could have been brought in sooner, given the "3 block rule," which certainly must have applied in his case. With the sentence of 58 years to life, this trend of leniency toward career scumbags such as Jones continues, else he would have been sentenced to life without possibility of parole.

Why is Lomax's life worth less than that? Who is Jones going to get to next? Ya gotta wonder.

-- Colleen Gallagher, El Dorado Hills

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