Letters to the Editor

June 21, 2014

Medi-Cal and dental care

Re "Region faces dental crisis" (Page A1, June 20): The crisis in regional dental care for the most at-risk and underserved special needs children can be traced to one source: the chronic underfunding of medical and dental care by the state of California.

The state has now transferred the risk to contracted Medi-Cal insurance companies who in turn are unable to adequately pay enough money to cover the cost of care, whether to surgery centers, hospitals or doctors. Why would anyone be surprised that almost all options have been exhausted?

At the Greater Sacramento Surgery Center, we have a 25 year tradition of caring for the most underserved. We have been able to perform some of these complicated dental cases on special needs children and adults, but California must reassess the available dollars. These patients require intensive one-on-one surgical care before, during and after surgery. We need help.

-- Steven Polansky, M.D., Carmichael

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