Letters to the Editor

June 21, 2014

Print both sides of the story

Re "California unemployment rate drops to 7.6 percent" (Business, June 21): Believe me, I am happy that the unemployment rate is falling, but the Associated Press is not printing the entire story.

The number of jobs is back to pre-2008 numbers, yes. However, where was the mention that 15 million more people have entered the workforce since then? What about the many long-term unemployed, mostly over age 50, who have dropped out of the workforce and don't get counted? What about the unemployment rate for young people, which is more than double the unemployment rate overall?

How about the value of those new jobs? Of the 10 occupation categories posting gains, only one of them actually pays a middle-class wage, according to Alternet. The rest of them are service jobs that pay very little, and many of those people are forced to apply for government benefits to survive, benefits that you and I pay for.

-- Dawn Wolfson, Cameron Park

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