Letters to the Editor

June 22, 2014

Theater critic, not food critic

Re "The show at The Kitchen has changed" (Entertainment, June 22): Blair Anthony Robertson's critique of The Kitchen repeats the shortcomings that many of my foodie friends dislike about his reviews: he pays far too much attention to aspects of dining out other than the quality of the food.

As one who enjoys The Kitchen but not Randall Selland's carnival huckster approach to meal delivery, I object to Robertson's focus on John Griffiths not being Selland rather than on the quality of his food.

Usually when I dine at The Kitchen I am in no hurry, and with the number of courses and interludes provided, I never went away hungry. If anything, I find that prix fixe and chef's tasting menus that are too hurried and too much are more objectionable than their opposite.

I imagine Robertson is comfortable with supersized meals served at carnivals. He should review them.

-- Jim Speakman, Sacramento

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