Vergara: Teacher tenures reflect and exacerbate problems

06/29/2014 7:06 PM

06/23/2014 10:56 AM

Re "Eliminating teacher tenure won't improve public schools" (Forum, June 22): It's going to take an enormous overhaul to get our public schools out of trouble, but eliminating tenures is a good step.

The idea of anyone being given tenure after two years is unethical. I've witnessed many teachers who pulled off an act for two years, then clearly don't care. Truly dedicated teachers are generally against two-year tenure formats.

The problems originate in the homes. Parents often have little or no respect for education, and their children know it. I've witnessed parents yelling at school administrators, demanding they graduate their severely delinquent, straight-F's children.

Meanwhile, our system is way out of touch with the job market. We still don't teach history or math well, and our graduates lack employable skills. Why are we wasting taxpayers' dollars?

The system needs new purpose, and you know the best teachers will always stick around.

-- Mitch Darnell, MS, OSM, CRC, Sacramento

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