Letters to the Editor

June 23, 2014

McClintock doing best job he can

Re "Unlike McCarthy, McClintock can't do job" (Letters, June 19): Tom McClintock has no allies in Congress and fails to get anything done? Tell that to the House of Representatives, which passed McClintock's amendment last week restoring sanity to the Defense budget by stripping expensive and inefficient green energy mandates. Tell that to Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy, who have donated to McClintock. How about the legions of local officials who support him?

I suppose the writer doesn't think fighting for water and jobs for the Central Valley-our largest food producer-proposing common sense timber salvaging from the Rim Fire, attempting to save his constituents from Obamacare's failings or reversing mass government surveillance count as worthwhile endeavors.

If you think getting things done requires pork-barrel spending and crushing future generations with unsustainable debt, you may not like McClintock. Thankfully, the writer's neighbors in Mariposa County gave McClintock 57.2 percent of their vote- 33.4 percent more than Art Moore.

-- Luke Aaron Bauman, Sacramento

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