Letters to the Editor

June 29, 2014

Vergara: Tenure protects good teachers

Re "Eliminating teacher tenure will not improve public education" (Forum, June 22): The Vergara lawsuit, brought by a multimillionaire, will benefit those who seek to profit by dismantling public education. Plaintiffs in this case failed to produce a single example of a student harmed or likely to be harmed by due process laws.

California public school students from affluent families rank near the top of international comparisons. Our students living in poverty rank near the bottom, because other developed countries ensure adequate nutrition and health care for all children.

In nations that outperform the U.S. in education- Canada, South Korea, Singapore and Finland- teachers are unionized with tenure.

In California's K-12 schools, teacher tenure does not guarantee a job for life. Tenure is simply the requirement that teachers can only be dismissed for cause, giving teachers the job security that allows us to teach evolution, assign grades, report administrative misconduct and advocate for students with special needs.

-- George Sheridan, Garden Valley

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