Letters to the Editor

June 26, 2014

An additional injustice

On June 13, our Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance designed to eliminate aggressive panhandling, which essentially prevents people who are homeless from seeking help in places where people gather. This action demonstrates Sacramento's unwillingness to engage the deep economic and social needs presented to us by our homeless brothers and sisters. This action says we want homeless people to be invisible. They make us feel uncomfortable and we would rather not deal with them in person.

Starting September 1, citations will be given to people who ask for help. We as a community are choosing to punish the most needy among us if they ask for help.

A very small proportion of the homeless community choose to stay homeless. A relatively modest spending on transitional housing, drug/alcohol rehabilitation, health care and job training would actually solve the problem and preserve everyone's dignity.

-- Rev. Alan Jones, Carmichael

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