Letters to the Editor

June 26, 2014

Hidden Cash can encourage generosity

Re "Are there hidden motives behind Hidden Cash treasure hunts?" (Viewpoints, June 26): Yes, some people will spend all the found cash on themselves, some may keep part and pay some forward, but others will enjoy paying it all forward.

Remember that some people don't ordinarily have extra money for that, and this allows them to be generous and think of others they can assist. I expect Jason Buzi and other hidden cash benefactors already give substantially to charity, but this lets them give ordinary people a way to be givers as well. I am sorry for the greed this seems to stir up in some, and for misbehavior and messiness. However, to the extent that Mr. Buzi can enjoy giving others the chance to be altruists, and perhaps inspire some to pay it forward even without finding hidden cash, this is a positive adventure and it's just not necessary to knock his motives.

-- Jean Wilson, Loomis

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