Letters to the Editor

June 26, 2014

Public access to Chicory Bend Park beach

Re "We should all have access to the beach" (Editorial, June 26): The Editorial Board is absolutely correct that the shenanigans of a few landowners illegally preventing access to public beaches must be stopped. We have our own beach in the Pocket area that has been the victim of similar conduct by a few landowners, many who shared in the more than $1 million paid by the state and city in the mid-'90s to purchase access and land surrounding Chicory Bend Park.

This 10-acre park is located on the bank of the Sacramento River with a beach more than a quarter mile long. It has become a private beach for these landowners through the use of illegal signs, fences and gates.

As the editorial states, "Californians deserve their day at the beach" even it come 20 years late.

-- James Geary, Sacramento

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