Letters to the Editor

June 26, 2014

The Bee doesn't deserve free press

Re "Standing up for a free press, in Egypt and elsewhere" (Editorial, June 24):

The Bee does not deserve the protections of a free press even though it receives them. Balanced with the right of a free press should be a duty of a free press to report news that is critical of "our nation's leaders," as mentioned in the editorial.

The Bee has been late and soft on every major issue concerning Obama, whether it's Benghazi, health care, appeasement of radical Islam, Veteran's Affairs, the IRS, etc.

It should be a two-way street but The Bee moves only in one direction: to the left and protective of Obama.

The Bee is a pretty good public relations firm for Obama but a pitiful excuse of a newspaper.

-- Stephen W. Perkins, Roseville

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