Compelling, really?

06/26/2014 7:06 PM

06/28/2014 7:18 PM

Re "Music Circus delivers a compelling 'Chorus Line' (Entertainment, June 25): After reading Marcus Crowder's review of Tuesday's opening performance of "A Chorus Line," I was wondering if we saw the same play.

My daughter and I, regular patrons of Music Circus, were very disappointed with Tuesday's performance. As we headed home, we agreed that if the review expressed our disappointment, we would consider it an anomaly for our Music Circus expectations and purchase tickets for our upcoming favorites. Jennifer Foote's Shelia was shrill and overly bitter, Kate Levering's Cassie was winded and uninspiring especially after her solo and Xavier Cano's Paul, while brilliantly in character as brooding and introspective throughout his performance, gave a too-long monologue.

By the end, we wanted Shelia to stop singing, Cassie to stop dancing and Paul to stop talking. This just wasn't what we have come to expect from the Music Circus. We will not be returning this season.

-- Carol A. Walker, Carmichael

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