Letters to the Editor

June 30, 2014

When did Americans become so scared?

Re "Bergdahl a victory for terrorists" (Letters, June 26): Letter writer William J. Hughes denounces President Barack Obama's trade of five Taliban detainees for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, saying Americans will now be targets for kidnapping and ransom by terrorists.

Wouldn't that constitute an improvement for servicemen and women who up to now have been targets of their bombs and bullets? He asks how many died in vain capturing the Taliban fighters, but he fails to question how many died in vain invading Iraq for weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist. Certainly, that number is far greater.

We're repeatedly told these five detainees were the "worst of the worst." When did Americans become so scared? When did we become the land of the frightened and the home of the timid?

Israel released more than 1,000 prisoners to rescue one Israeli soldier. Was that also a victory for terrorists?

-- Jack Peterson, Rocklin

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