Letters to the Editor

June 30, 2014

Don't give e-cigarettes special treatment

Re "Big Tobacco kills e-cigarette bills" (Editorials, June 27): Kudos to The Bee for getting it right on the proposed bill to satisfy big tobacco and it desire to differentiate e-cigarettes from tobacco products.

While Sen. Ellen Corbett's efforts are laudable, tobacco has permeated the legislation, making the bill a win for Big Tobacco.

Listing e-cigarettes separately as neither a cigarette nor a tobacco product puts them in a special category, opening the door for special treatment.

Regulating e-cigarettes as a tobacco product is not a new idea. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has the authority to regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products under the Tobacco Control Act.

Making sure we're in alignment with federal regulation is a key reason to define e-cigarettes as tobacco products. To not do so may open loopholes and force the Legislature to revisit these laws to protect youth in the future.

-- Kathryn Jeffery, Carmichael

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