Pathetic poaching penalty is disgrace

06/28/2014 8:06 AM

06/28/2014 7:41 PM

Re "Courtland trapper admits guilt" (Page B3, June 28): A poacher is caught with 60 illegally harvested animals after taxpayer's funds pay for a game warden to track the criminal for a year. He is a career poacher and profited in excess of $100,000 from his illegal activities. Untold numbers of foxes and bobcats have been slaughtered and it is impossible to quantify the detrimental effect these crimes have had on the populations of fur bearers in Lassen and Modoc counties. Animals were routinely left to suffer in cages for multiple nights in sub-zero temperatures. For all of this, the poacher receives a small fine and a year of probation. Game warden Nick Buckler must be sick to his stomach at this result. The prosecutor who negotiated this plea deal is a disgrace. Tracy Lee Schultz should be in prison and he should never be allowed to hunt again. -- Sean Pries, Rocklin

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