Letters to the Editor

June 28, 2014

Fireworks insanity

Re "Stop the fireworks" (Letters, June 28): The sale of fireworks is supposed to support non-profits. I never see their names posted on the booths.

Every year, the fire departments put out the many fires started by fireworks. I believe property owners and fire departments should bill the state for all financial costs and damages fireworks cause.

Every year animal control and SPCA shelters are over-run with dogs who panic from the noise and run from their homes. Also, many dog owners have to pay vet bills for tranquilizers to keep their dogs calm.

I think its time to publish the names and profits earned of every non-profit who sells fireworks. Next, I think its time to publish the cost of property damage and fire fighting resulting from sales of fireworks.

Perhaps these numbers would convince California government to outlaw fireworks.

-- Shari Baelfyr, Rio Linda

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