Letters to the Editor

June 28, 2014

Franchise Tax Board should leave her alone

I received mail from California's Franchise Tax Board. They were saying I owed California money for some business I'd supposedly started in your state. I have never lived in California, worked in California nor operated a business there.

I have tried to contact the board with little success. Now, instead of owing California $25, as initially stated, I owe them, according to arrival of yesterday's mail, 1,260.69. No paperwork, no explanation of what business, comes with this bill; there is a written threat of liens on my property.

This is unwarranted harassment. I am using my time and postage to contact this bureaucratic entity, with little success, and tried by phone and failed. How did the board even know I exist, much less decide I was running a business in California?

-- Becky Ann McPherson, Valley, Wash.

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