Letters to the Editor

June 28, 2014

Lauer cannot possibly insult women with his question

Re "Question to GM boss wasn't sexist, Lauer says" (Names & Faces, June 28): I am absolutely amused by this article. I wonder if anyone realizes that this is a question in the backs of many male minds who have not made it quite as far up the ladder as some females, and the envy is evident. Women have always been expected to do most of what it takes to run a household and raise the children. In fact, some men would rather women did not enter the workforce at all and should feel content being a wife and mother and consider leadership in any capacity to be a man's job. Women should consider the question being asked by Lauer as a compliment. Lauer and many other men are wondering just how in the world a woman can do all this. Silly question Matt, but complimentary to women everywhere.

-- Norma Loudenslager, Citrus Heights

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