Letters to the Editor

July 1, 2014

Breton wrong about arena lawsuit

Re "Housing advocates put their greed on display with arena suit" (Our Region, June 29): Marcos Breton is simply wrong. Sacramento Coalition for Shared Prosperity's suit intends to bring community benefit agreements to the Arena project. Unlike other cities (Los Angeles, San Diego), Sacramento has not entered into a CDA with the Kings owners.

CBAs secure our investment by ensuring the surrounding neighborhood is adequately protected and developed. SCSP is a grass roots group which has attempted for months to engage in discussions with the owners of the Kings and the City of Sacramento. Perhaps it's understandable that Breton, a columnist with undisguised commitment to the Arena project, chooses to ignore the purpose of SCSP.

What is not understandable is The Bee's failure to engage in serious journalism about the fiscal and social impacts of the Arena deal. The Bee has yet to publish articles investigating the long-term fiscal sustainability and social impacts of this deal. That is simply wrong.

-- Julia Mullen, Ph.D, Sacramento

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