Hobby Lobby: Addressing SCOTUS mistake

07/01/2014 9:07 AM

07/03/2014 3:16 AM

Re "Birth control exemption upheld" (Page A1, July 1): The five conservative Catholic men constituting the majority on the Supreme Court have gone too far. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's dissent clearly articulated the minefield we have just entered. Religious beliefs have, throughout history, been used to condemn and destroy other people's lives. Justice Samuel Alito's reassurances don't mean much. I remember his inaccurate assertions about Citizens United.

Two things need to happen.

First, all corporations must give up their special privileges in the judicial system. As citizens, corporations should be subject to the same level of legal protections as real people. Therefore the corporation, owners, directors and shareholders should all be subject to civil and criminal prosecution.

Second, special tax breaks allowed for deductions to religious institutions must end. Today's religious groups are nothing more than political action committees, and I should not be forced to support their efforts. It is time to apply free-market principles to religious institutions.

-- Joseph Slabbinck, Citrus Heights

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