Preservation of our natural forest ecosystem crucial

07/01/2014 10:07 AM

07/03/2014 3:16 AM

Re "A win-win solution for water and wildlife in Sierra forests" (Viewpoints, June 30): Tom DeVries and the other "cut down our forest to save it" advocates use the same talking points to justify and hide their true goal. There is this monumental effort to massively log California's forests. Disguised as forest thinning, they want to near clear-cut our forests for timber and industrial firewood to fuel power stations.

The problem is that the forest is critical for life on Earth and takes precedence over forest profits. The forest filters our vital water supply. Tree growth sequesters CO2 and produces oxygen. The forests are Earth's lungs.

Massive forest thinning critically diminishes the ability of the forest to perform these life-sustaining functions. Forest thinning creates more open space making the forest arid and more susceptible to wildfire. With climate change, the preservation of our forest ecosystem is crucial. The only ugly and unhealthy forest is a forest devoid of trees.

-- Mark Mihevc, Graeagle

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