Letters to the Editor

July 1, 2014

Two Letters with questionable premise/staistics

Re "Investigate the IRS" and "Abortion balances the budget" (Letters, June 30): The first of these letters calls for an investigation of the IRS by comparing it with Watergate, which is a comparison of apples and oranges. Watergate was solely directed by the president and a criminal act, whereas the IRS "scandal" is a media perpetuated witch hunt with no basis in fact, as it has been determined both liberal and conservative groups were the targets of the investigation.

The second letter decries Medi-Cal funded abortions without citing sources for their statistics. The only source using the number of 90,000 abortions was from the Pro-Life Council, a California affiliate of the National Right to Life organization, which on the face would appear to be biased. However, the 90K number was cherry picked and- per the site- only represented first trimester abortions with no reference as to how they were funded. -- David D. Bennett, Chico

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